C/DWDM Platform


Cost Effective, Smart 10G Media-Converter with FEC/ in-band

eWAVE6102 is a cost effective, two channels multiservice, smart 10G media-converter which is used for point to point application, or used as remote terminal for star topology application with eWAVE2108H as a HUB. FEC is used in every channel to improve transmission performance with 7~8dB coding gain. It supports in-band management so that the HUB (e.g. eWAVE2108H) or another eWAVE6102 with a management card at center office can access remote unit.


  • Two slots for transponder cards, Mux/Demux cards, EDFA cards or management card
  • Supports ITU G.709
  • Supports GFEC or EFEC
  • Supports in-band management (remote configuration and performance monitoring)
  • Can be used as a remote standalone unit without management card
  • Supports dying GASP
  • 1+1 pluggable AC power supply
  • Supports repeater mode
  • Local CLI interface with/without Management card
  • Local Web-GUI and SNMP with Management card